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The Marina Building

Shell Beach, CA

Located along Shell Beach Road, this dynamic 2-story building provides a commercial space on the street level and a two-bedroom two-bathroom residential unit on the second floor. The buildings facade recesses back on the second floor allowing decks for residences to enjoy the small beach town experience with an open floor plan to maximize the beautiful ocean views. The commercial space below has storefront windows and a corner tower that presents a covered entryway with public artwork greeting building occupants and pedestrians circulating along the sidewalk.

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Public Artwork:

This custom public art was created to reflect the unique beauty of its surrounding beach community. The bold and dynamic geometry creates a new spark along Shell Beach Road. 

The Process:

Concepts tend to ignite with a simple sketch describing mass, light, and movement: 

Sipping a coffee at the Steaming Bean and watching neighbors propel into the day ahead; Toes in the sand, looking over the Pacific Ocean while a kite flies in a strong breeze. Cliffs and rocks anchor the ground as seawater strikes with a loud crack. The pen scribbles while a sketch yearns to describe a sunset that leaves people breathless day after day. 

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