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Preliminary Consultation
As the name suggests, we offer a preliminary meeting to discuss the client’s property and outline the process of completing a project from start to finish. Some of the subjects we cover are:

    Design process

    Estimated project schedule

    Consultants required

    Governmental approval sequence

    Building codes and ordinances

    Building costs

Before beginning a project, we research property restrictions such as zone regulations and easements. We walk the property to ascertain the important views, solar angles, wind direction, site access points and tree or rock outcropping locations. We also discuss the goals for the project. The general scope of work may be:

    Site survey

    Feasibility studies


    Code analysis

Schematic Design
Once the vision has been established and the parameters defined, we reconfigure all information into graphic form. We begin by preparing diagrams that illustrate space relationships and sizes. These diagrams evolve into floor plans that become the basis of the building sections and elevations needed for review

and construction. These drawings are physical representations of all previous work and usually include:

    Site plan

    Space plan

    Exterior and interior design

    Preliminary structural design

    3-D modeling

    Accessibility analysis for commercial ....projects

Design Development
This phase begins the technical work of determining the best alternatives of materials and systems to use. It involves the following:

    Design and engineering of systems ....including site drainage, electrical, ....heating/ventilation, fire protection, and structural systems

    Review of preliminary costs and ....adjustment of space if needed

    Check code conformance

Construction Documents
This service further refines the documents into a form that depicts all areas of the project in detail and allows for complete and accurate project bidding. This phase includes the following:

    Preparation of architectural working ....drawings

    Preparation and coordination of all drawings including civil, ....structural, mechanical, plumbing, ....electrical, energy documentation, ....accessibility standards, & coordination ....with utility companies

    Landscape and irrigation plans

    Preparation of agency applications and ....meeting and coordinating with all ....agencies to obtain building permits

Permit Processing
Once all the documents have been prepared, there is the sometimes formidable task of negotiating the bureaucracy of agency approval. Some jurisdictions are more streamlined than others, but usually this extends to the departments of planning, building, public works, fire, waste management (recycling), health and schools.

Bid Administration
The bid process is where the owner seeks to get the best value for project construction. We are familiar with the building process and will perform the bid services as follows:

    Prepare bid documents including: ....Instructions to bidders, notice to bidders, forms and list of bidders

    Prepare and distribute the addenda to ....bidders as needed during bidding. This ....may include supplementary drawings, ....specifications, instructions and notice of ....any changes in bidding procedures

    Receive and respond to questions from ....the bidders

    Evaluate bids, certify bid compliance ....and provide recommendations to client ....for award of the contract

Construction Support
During the construction phase, we review the work to ensure quality control and provide recommendations to the client. This phase will also include:

    Review of the construction contract

    Construction observation and ....attendance of pre-construction meetings

    Review and comment on all shop ....drawings, submittals, and any proposed ....change orders

    Evaluation of the amount owed to the ....contractor based on progress

    Project close-out including a detailed ....inspection with the client to verify ....conformance with documents

    Creating a list of items to be completed ....prior to filing for a certificate of ....occupancy

    Completion of record drawings showing ....all “as-built” information on original plans

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